Dodge Sprinter Van Is the Ideal Van for This Carpenter

Elizabeth M. of Bowling Green, Kentucky has spent her life defying expectations. As a young woman, she would challenge the neighborhood boys to any sport or race she could think. In many ways a typical young woman, Elizabeth never liked the notion that there were avenues off limits to her simply because she was a woman. She always approached her life free of expectations, pursuing those things that interested her. Growing up, her family encouraged her to pursue a life wherever her heart led her. She spent countless hours with her grandfather, a talented carpenter. In his day, carpentry was considered man’s work, but fortunately for Elizabeth her grandfather saw beyond old stereotypes. He not only imparted his knowledge of carpentry, but his passion for the work, a combination of the creative and the practical. Now a grown woman, Elizabeth is trying to make a name for herself as a master carpenter, constantly fighting old prejudices. She knows that in many situations she will have to give 110% just to prove herself. To make things as easy as possible, Elizabeth only uses tools that provide quality and consistency. With that in mind, she made the first in a long line of smart decisions when she purchased a Dodge Sprinter for her business.

Whether transporting raw materials or completed pieces, Elizabeth knew she would need a van that could handle the load. Fortunately, the Dodge Sprinter series of vans can handle loads both big and small with relative ease. As a good businessperson, Elizabeth loves to see the look on her client’s faces when they see their pieces arrive in a completed state. For repair work, Elizabeth is comfortable knowing that she can get the supplies to the job without having to contract out to larger delivery services. Her ability to handle large loads in house cuts down on her bottom line and makes each job just that easier and less expensive. Carpentry is an essential and easy to overlook part of any house. One small problem in a building’s basic carpentry can lead to life or death problems down the road. Luckily, Elizabeth has the know how inherited from her grandfather and the supplies packed away in her Dodge Sprinter to handle any problem that arises.

Beyond size, the Dodge Sprinter lets Elizabeth rest easy knowing that her finely crafted pieces and delicate pieces of wood and supplies will arrive unharmed, due to the Dodge Sprinter’s smooth ride. This is largely due to the Dodge’s amazingly elegant design, a symphony of practical engine power, wide wheel base, and smooth frame construction. Good weather or bad, Elizabeth can make it to jobs that her male counter parts would balk at.

Every the practical businessperson, Elizabeth knows the importance of keeping costs down. Crunching numbers had always come easy for Elizabeth, so it was easy for her to see how the Dodge Sprinter would help her keep more of her income per month. This was due to a number of factors. Larger cargo size meant fewer trips, which meant she could take more jobs. The astonishing Dodge engine design was one of the most fuel efficient on the market today. Finally, and most importantly, the Dodge Sprinter’s starting price was competitive with like sized cargo vans on the market today.

As a woman who lives to defy expectations, Elizabeth loves a car that can defy her own expectations. Day in and day out, the Dodge Sprinter vans does that very thing for her.


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